26″ 35); 2.

26″ 35); 2.

The important thing is to believe until the end and give all the best at the end we’ll do the math. ” Lukas Hofer in Sochi crossed the line that earned him the medal of the first medley relay in Olympic history: “I’m happy to have Lisa as a team. It’s a tremendous shooter and athlete of the highest level. I am convinced that the two women will do some good races , will give us a nice change and we will try to defend ourselves.

Defending a medal is never easy, because we are all there to giocarcela. Hopefully the weather conditions remain so “from our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli  @ sarcobelli © reserved reproduction write your comment 0      

June 26, 2016 – Omaha (USA) Ryan Lochte, 31, ready to play the qualifying in the 400 medley AFP Ryan Lochte does not give up: the city has changed (from Gainsville in Charlotte), coach (Gregg Troy who now follows the blue Mitch D’Arrigo, David Marsh, head coach of the US Olympic women’s national team) and 31 years, with 11 Olympic medals (one for him missing exceed Mark Spitz and settle in 2nd place ever among men) rushes to the defense of title of London 2012 in complete race of swimming, ie the 400 medley. The 22 year old Chase Kalisz, who is from Baltimore and grew up watching Phelps from the next lane, contends the qualification: battery are divided dall’inezia of 12 cents, the twenty year old Jay Litherland (which Lochte has torn the temporary 6th chrono season behind Federico Turrini) s’inserirà in the duel and then, two young against old lion in the Italian night will be one of the first important moments, hot American trials. madame butterfly – pink In the 100 butterfly, it is another new face to be immediately space: Kelsi Worrell, 22 years at the University of Louisville (the city where it was just buried Muhammad Ali) you take the first lap of the batteries in 56 “84 the fourth world time trial in which spans of 5 cents Australian Emma McKeon) and alerts for the final tomorrow (tonight the semi-finals) the holders of London, mom Dana Vollmer.

The third time is a very young (born in 1999) Cassidy Bayer, author of 58 “91. and for said Paltrinieri – In the 400 sl, affecting Gabriele Said, the more rapid is the twenty-four Zane Grothe in 3’47 “03 (in 2015 boasts a 3’45” 98), while preserving energies for the final Conor Dwyer, which seasonal swam 3’46 “09, and advances his fourth trial Connor Jager, the 1500 world silver behind Gregory Paltrinieri. breaststrokers – Kevin Cordes press in the 100 breaststroke 2nd World time trial of the year in 59 “05 (27” 40): Faster is his only world record holder, the British Adam Peaty author of 58 “36, and the only one under 59 “. Ranked second in battery Cody Miller author of 59 “33, the third Andy Wilson and Josh Callback in 59” 76: to note that soon after there is the phenomenon of 1999, Michael Andrew, in 59 “96 (world junior record) . Results (Myrtha pools, 50 m). First day.

Batteries. Men – 400m freestyle: 1. Grothe (’92) 3’47 “03; 2. Dwyer 3’47 “15; 3. McBroom 3’47 “70; 4. Jaeger 3’47 “97; 4. Hass 3’48 “96. 100 breaststroke: 1. Cordes 59 “05 (2nd t. 2016); 2. Miller 59 “33; 3. Wilson and Callback 59 “76, 5. Andrew (’99) 59” 96.

400 mx: 1. Kalisz 4’11 “86 (57” 14 2’01 “68 3’11” 94); 2. Lochte 4’11 “98 (56” 06, 1’59 “67 3’12” 21); 3. Litherland (20) 4’12 “57; 4. Bentz 4’13 “67; 5. Grieshop 4’14 “00; 6. Callback 4’14 “19; 7. Weiss 4’15 “21; 8. Clary 4’15 “41. Women – 100 butte .: 1. Worrell 56 “84 (4 ° t. 2016, pas. 26” 35); 2. Vollmer 57 “50 (26” 78); 3. Bayer 58 “91; 4. Stewart 59 “07.

400 mx: 1. Henry 4’36 “93 (1’03” 55 2’14 “45 3’33” 05); 2. Beisel 4’37 “61; 3. Galat 4’38 “39; 4. thinned 4’38 “54; 5. Leverenz 4’39 “55. From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

December 1, 2018 – Milan Uli Hoeness, president of Bayern Monaco. AP exasperation, anger and disappointment. That last night was the hottest annual general meeting of recent times at home Bayern Monaco.

To turn the hearts not only the bad results of the team (currently fifth in the Bundesliga), but also the attitudes of society, which in recent weeks has before called a press conference to attack the media and former players and then decided to banish Paul Breitner ( a club legend) from the gallery. Although they were present just 1,682 members to 291,000, so the atmosphere was hot, so much so that the president Uli Hoeness, at the end of the evening, said he was “deeply impressed” by what happened.

In addition to boos the Bavarian president has also been heavily insulted. Lazaro saves Hertha with a goal from the film archive controversy – According to the reconstruction of Bild, one of the partners, Johannes Bachmayr, Hoeness criticized for its decision to deny entry to Paul Breitner in the gallery: “A legend does not you can be ruled out. This, Mr. Hoeness, is not his stage.

Breitner has only expressed his thought. ” Hoeness defended himself, but his explanation did not like: “In the news there were so many inaccuracies that it would take hours to explain everything. On this basis I do not discuss “, statements that have led some members to scream against such words as” coward “and” liar “. In recent weeks Hoeness and Rummenigge (current CEO) have repeatedly stated that the company’s organization chart is set to change over the coming years.

The Rummenigge contract expires at the end of the season, although Hoeness hopes to find understanding for the renewal: “Before Christmas we will take a decision to that effect – said the president -. I am convinced that renewed until 2021. I would be also very, very happy. ” Always stronger than Oliver Kahn the application: the former goalkeeper could enter into partnership on tiptoe to then take the place of Hoeness as president.

For now it is a hypothesis, but the company is considering: “I can assure you that Kahn is in our thoughts. But it is not a subject for today or tomorrow, but for the next 6-12 months, “said Hoeness. Bundesliga: supergol Piszczek of Borussia flies future – Finally, it was also discussed the transfer market.

Last summer, the Bayern Monaco has not even one euro spent (Goretzka arrived on a free transfer, Gnabry all’Hoffenheim has returned from loan), mistake, given the results, the club does not want to commit: “The company and the board of directors have decided that we will invest a lot on the market, “promised Hoeness, aware that the team needs a generational change. Regarding the technical guide Bayern chairman has reiterated its confidence in Kovac: “I think we’ve got a young, good coach.

It has earned the opportunity to be here. We must support it all together. After recent talks I am convinced that we have come to a meeting point between the team and technical “. Moreover, without a compromise Bayern could hardly get out of this delicate situation of the standings. With exasperation, anger and disappointment that could only increase.

Even off the field. Elmar Bergonzini  @ elmarbergo

March 3, 2019 – Milan Ibrahimovic celebrates a goal with the Galaxy. AFP Zlatan Ibrahimovic never ceases to amaze. The Los Angeles Galaxy striker decided the match against the Chicago Fire, in the debut season in MLS. A network not spectacular, as he used the Swedish usually there, but because it came in the decisive final race, about 10 minutes from the end and allowed the Galaxy to bring home the first three points of the season.

Who else !? @Ibra_official heads in the go-ahead goal. #LAvCHI https://t.co/EMmyU6YsRe – Major League Soccer (@MLS) March 3 2019 winning goal – was not started in the best way the race of Ibra team, under 49 ‘for the network guest Sapong 1xbet бонус. The Los Angeles led by Zlatan, however, managed to complete the comeback: first steres at 68 ‘and then the whipping of the head of the former striker of Juventus, Inter and AC Milan who decided the challenge. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

January 9, 2019 – Milan View this post on Instagram “Generally accepted without problems the talk of all the problems without giving up.” @regiamag my cover !!! Going back to work !! Milán A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi) date: January 8, 2019 at 11:24 PT CRYPTIC CAH, but not by much. Wanda Nara has returned to Milan from Argentina, where he spent the holidays with Mauro Icardi.

Last night on his Instagram profile posted a phrase borrowed by the writer Charles Bukowski: “Generally accepted without problems the talk of all the problems without giving up.” Quote learned, in a period in which his name is often evoked to Icardi: media overexposure that has repeatedly angered Inter in recent weeks.


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