For how long, the breeze hasn’t swayed,

The beating of waves

The rocking of fishing boats

The leaves are rustling in the wind

The balcony is reclining at dusk

Listen! Far from the wind … … … … … …

【Jiufen city with the best scenery】

Early in the morning with mist ridge cover, going along the winding trails, exploring, each turn, are surprised to see;
Cloudless sky, the blue see and warm sunshine make the whole mountain Greek;
Rainy season, cloud and mists around the mountain and hazy sea view surprisingly make the beautiful landscape into an ink painting;
Amazing sunset and the rosy colour of dawn spread all over the sky;
After evening, when the tourists dispersed, the mountain city is like entering another parallel world. And that’s when you can see the the bright moon climbing high in the sky, and the starry sky.

Jiufen City is an all the year round touris. You are sincerely invited to our quodis arcana ~

A cup of coffee or wine, peacefully, hearing the wind sing … …

【Indulge yourself with a refreshing trip to Jiufen city】

Not only do we have the most comfortable environment , but also come with the best scenery for you to enjoy which are credit to our unique location in Jiufen. Our rooms are named after Haruki Murakami’s works. We provide you with a choice of different room types and the most relaxing time.

【Scenic View Restaurant】

With a magnificient prospect of mountain peaks and sea, regardless dinning or wine tasting, we guarantee you an unforgettable scenery.