Consumer Helpline:02 2406-2277
Service Hours:09:00~19:00

📌In order to ensure the quality of your stay, this homestay will not be able to provide extra bed and extra person service since January 1, 2019📌

For the sake of accommodation comfort and service quality, please check in according to the “number of people booked”. “Excess number of people” cannot be accommodated. If there is an over-occupancy without notification, the B&B reserves the right to refuse the stay.

Children aged 4 and above are welcome.
Baby cots are not available.
Extra beds are not available.


1. Please call us to make a reservation.
2. To confirm your reservation, we require a deposit equal to 30% of the rent. Transfer the payment to 007(FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK), account: 237-68-059738.Please call us to confirm your payment, or you can be disqualified.
3. ATM轉帳代號:007 (第一銀行)、帳號:237-10-005538
4. Our rate differs from holidays, weekend to weekdays.
5. Chinese new year,Consecutive holidays, new year eve, christmas,Saturday and national holidays are holidays;weekend includes Friday,Sunday; weekdays are from Monday to Thursday.


1. To maintain guests’ healthy and comply with laws and regulations, smoking is forbidden throughout the property. Note! The hotel is equipped with a more sensitive fire-fighting system. If the fire-fighting system is activated due to smoking by guest, he or she should pay for some loss entirely
2. Hotel check-in time: After 15:00; check-out time: Before 11:00
3. Upon arrival you will be asked to provide your ID to check in.
4. We deeply know that your pet is one member of your family. However, to keep the best living circumstance . Pet is not permit here. If you take your pet here, we will not return your fund and your room will be canceled accordingly.
5. The kitchen is not available.
6. To keep the best living circumstance, visitors are not allowed.
7. Please follow our regulation.If there’s unexpected guests who didn’t make a reservation. We’re afraid your deposit will not be refund.
8. Residents who have damaged public property are required to compensate for the damage or lost.
9. Please keep the voice down after 9 pm.

Cancellation/Changing dates

1. When the Bureau of Meteorology issues a land warning for typhoon, you can apply for extension or cancel booking, we will return your deposit.
2. Our cancellation due to the unexpected land of typhoon is accord with the Bureau of Meterorology.
3. Changing the dates of your stay is permitted without charge at least 14 days before the scheduled arrival date.
4. Regulations
If we receive it at least 14 days prior to your arrival date we will refund your deposit
If you cancel from 10 to 13 days before your arrival date, we will return to you 70% of your payment.
If you cancel from 7 o 9 days before your arrival date, we will return to you 50% of your payment.
If you cancel from 4 to 6 days before your arrival date, we will return to you 40% of your payment.
If you cancel from 2 to 3 days before your arrival date, we will return to you 30% of your payment.
If you cancel the day before arrival date, we will return to you 20% of your payment.
For the one who cancels his/her booking on the check-on date, his or her deposit will be forfeited.


《National Freeway No.1 》
1. Head North to the National Highway No. 1→Xizhi toll →Turn right to Provincial Highway 62 →Rueifang Interchange→Taiwan County Highway 102 →Turn right to Lunding Road→ your destination is on the right side.

※2.Head North to the National Highway No. 1 →Turn right to Provincial Highway 62 →turn right to coastal highway→ continue driving for 6 minutes then turn right to Geding→make a u-turn to Taiwan County Highway 102 →after 16.1km with a Jiufen Elementary School sigh→Turn right to Lunding Road→your destination is on the right side.


《Public transportation》
Public transportation to our guesthouse: Take Keelung bus line 1062→ get off at Ruifang train station→ transfer to bus line 877 → get off at fushangong station→continue walking for 200 meters



《Walk from Jiufen Old Street》
Go up the stairs along Yanshu Street to Jiufen Elementary School then turn left by walking 3 to 5 minutes.


Take the taxi at the Rueifang Train Station or Jiufen Old street and your destination is no 111, Lungding Road Rueifang Dist., New Taipei City22, Taiwan (R.O.C).